Sunday, May 03, 2015

beyond the horizon

we stayed in efficiency units during our week in newfoundland (kitchen included)
 we learned to shop for easy dinner and breakfast makings in convenience stores
 the last week of April is still early for tourists
 there was fog
 no horizon
 then we saw them, the gannets at cape St. Mary's Newfoundland
and it was elating
the white out
the sense of vast space with no reference point
it's like flight


  1. bello molto bello

  2. We are now home after a sweet week in Newfoundland. We went so that I could see the installation of wild pure aesthetic wonder exhibition in the craft gallery, St. John's. We rented a car and toured the avalon and the bonavista penninsula.
    Newfoundland is sublime.
    Thanks for your comment, Silvana.

  3. love the shadows and light in this cloth

  4. Magical....and i know just what you mean when you say "it's like flight". LOVE the cloth you're making.

  5. Sounds like my kind of heaven

  6. Looks heavenly.

    How was the exhibition?

  7. Wonderful, peaceful, natural...

  8. i haven't made it as far north as newfoundland...yet. soon. i'm so glad you saw it in non-tourist time.

  9. Jennifer, the exhibition was fabulous. Nice to see the other pieces in the 'real' . I also was able to have a visit with the curator, Gloria Hickey, and meet Kelly Jane Bruton, one of the artists.

    I connected the cloth I was stitching - all white squares, one after the other, endless in 9 patches to organize for the maker, but not noticeable the fog white outs we were experiencing. Nothing to rest one's eye and mind on - just a lot of trusting and inner knowing going on.

  10. Your text is as beautiful as your work. One in the same.


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