Wednesday, May 06, 2015

circle quilts

I had another chance to get close to the meditation panels over the weekend.
I hope you don't mind seeing them again.
They have been invited off the island, so we borrowed them from their permanent home in the United Church and delivered them to exhibit in Southern Ontario.  Above is Earth Ark.
Each time that they go on exhibit, I check them over for flaws, loose threads etc.  I lay them out on our big wooden table and look them over in the sunlight.
I run my hands along their lumps and bumps.
I admire them.  These ginko leaves are on the reverse side of Mended World.
Above, Layers of Time with the bottom edge folded up.
Below, Precious Water.
 The panels are now in Kitchener for May and June.  More information about the exhibition here.

Quilt making is about giving.
The time and labour that went into making these panels was given by many individuals. (149)
Given freely and with joy.
Given so that others might be touched in some way.
So that others might enjoy.


  1. thank you Judy this is such a wonderful sharing of heart hands stitch and wonder

  2. I will never tire of looking and admiring these quilts. So many hand and hearts went into making them-I love to look and admire! I am especially mesmerized with the texture and the designs, I can see and feel the texture through the pictures!

    Thanks for sharing again!

  3. Mmmmmm só many loving stitches !
    Stitching, feeling .... the circle is round !

  4. Love these, and felt the quiet of your words too.

  5. Always astounded at the community of effort, the project is stunning from any angle, stunning and so dense with meaning - evidence of giving is so comforting to witness.

  6. Gorgeous and what a gift to see these again in photos. Judith, have you written about your technique to produce the pebbled-shrunken-textured surface?

  7. Liz and Judith, I was wondering the same thing?

  8. I don't usually use a "product"...but that's how this gorgeous shrinking was done in the precious water panel.

    The product is called Texture Magic - and when it is stitched to cloth and then heated it shrinks in all directions. I wrote about it in July 2011. Here's the link you'll have to copy and paste.

    Thanks for all generous comments.

  9. Thank you for the link back to Precious Water ... I was especially drawn to the warm earthy colors, made more so by the cool blues ... and the reverse appliqué is amazing.

  10. Thank you for the link, Judith! I was hoping that I wasn't imagining that you'd talked about this texture! The water panel is stunning, and I also adore how you used the ginkgo fabric on the reverse.

  11. It was an amazing experience.

  12. Oh my !
    I finally got into Homer Watson to see your fabulous show, Judy ! I missed the opening and a chance to talk with you because of children & gr.children visiting for Mother'd Day, but 4 of the Connections group stopped in on Wed. .. wow ...Brilliant ! And a great room to hang them in !
    These quilts really need to be seen up front and personal ;)


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