Monday, April 27, 2015

time is a material

 re-constructed ninety year old wool blanket
Petty Harbour Newfoundland
 that this cloth holds time and memory is evident
 in the several threadbare areas
Cape Broyle, Newfioundland
 these worn places evoke the man,
 woman, or child who lay with the blanket
Ferryland, Newfoundland
 and repeatedly pulled it up as a covering
 I have darned some of the more worn areas
Renews, Newfoundland
 strengthened the edges with blanket stitch
to add another layer of human touch.

details of a wool blanket piece from last year
photos of our drive today, avalon penninsula, newfoundland


  1. How beautifully you weave stitch and story, Judy. Travelling mercies!

  2. "to add another layer of human touch" - and with that, i begin to seriously consider mending the rubbed raw places in the quilt my grandmother made for me. till now, i've had this purist attitude.

  3. it deserves , enrich

  4. your work on that blanket is exquisite...and the pairing of blanket images with those of the houses...delicious

  5. i know this blanket is grateful for your stitching love.

  6. Just beautiful! Warm greetings from Montreal. :)

  7. red on white it's so healing and yet it always evokes a memory of seeing blood on the snow.. my Uncle Johnny's Collie would tease the guard dog that was chained up at the service station next door to my grandma's house in a little town in Quebec back in the late 60's, one day the German Shepherd slipped his chain and took a bite out of the collie, I followed the line of blood on the snow & found him feeling very sorry for himself, he recovered fine but didn't bother that old dog ever again!

  8. ~ white is the colour of trust ~

  9. The well worn buildings amid bleak spring in Newfoundland mesh perfectly with the frayed blanket associations of warmth and protection through the years.

  10. And you're adding to the story. All your adventures with it, your silent thoughts through your fingertips and your voice that it can hear. <3 Old and new go together like best friends. I love your stories.

  11. I am always so touched at how your cloth echos the environment. Beautiful.

  12. Susan9:50 pm

    The weaver's time to weave it, a time worn shape, rescued by a stitch in time! What a warm record of past time. I love the looks of Newfoundland, too. I hope you had a good time there

  13. The story of a blanket ... past, present and future!


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