Friday, January 02, 2015

art and life were all mixed up in 2014

an example of the many UFO's  (unfinished objects) waiting to be put together with companions  
January -  Installing Mended World solo exhibition Art gallery of Sudbury
February - Installing Lucky Protection at Artists on Elgin in Sudbury and then Family Paintings in the local library.   All three solo exhibits up at the same time
March - Visiting Mexico.   Birth of grand daughter Aili Evelyn
detail of watercolour painting April in October 

April - Emptying yet another bedroom to create more home studio space
May - Jurying Stitches Across Time for Dufferin County Museum.  Natural dyeing, both with indigo and collected local plants. This will continue throughout the summer
June - Attending daughter April's BFA graduation from Concordia in Montreal, then her wedding to Andrew at our cottage
watercolour and acrylic painting WAVE
July - Visiting with the 7 and 4 year old grand boys and Oona (their mother), at our cottage
August - desigining wool artwork for the Wild Pure Aesthetic Wonder exhibition that will happen in in Newfoundland in 2015
September - visiting Gros Morne and the great Western Penninsula of Newfoundland with Ned.  Two quilts are published in the book 500 traditional quilts.  Teaching hand stitched meditation panels in home studio
detail of Yin Yin, hand stitched linen with reverse applique
October - Receiving an award from the Ontario Craft Council. Speaking (keynote) at the Espanola Fiber Festival.  Visions exhibit opens in San Diego and Yin Yin wins an award.
November - Attending World of Threads Festival opening in Oakville Ontario, two solo exhibitions are well received.  Attending Art=Quilts=Art in Auburn New york, Canadian Pioneer wins an award.
December - hosting all four children plus spouses (three grand children) for Christmas through New Year's day.

Continuing on, appreciating this lucky life and sending out good wishes for a creative year to all.

keep on


  1. All of this is so sweet, so complete. I could only wish for more of everything for you because I know you understand how very precious it all is. Happy New Year.

  2. clink! sound of coffee cup to the computer screen at 4:30 am) to you and yours let the good times roll!

  3. Such blessings for you in 2014! May they continue in 2015!

  4. It has been a great year for you, indeed! I hope this new comes as creative as the last one!

  5. I'm so glad you had a such a highlight-filled year. Well-earned! Best wishes for 2015.

  6. Love how you always make space for art in your full life.


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