Monday, December 29, 2014

the twinkle hands are visiting

Our nest is full


  1. As of about 2.75 minutes ago, our nest is empty once again . . . which is not to be confused with clean, clear, and orderly. That'll come three days from now when The Engineer and I wake up. Happy New Year, Sugar.

  2. Have you made tortellini? This tradition has been in my family forever although it has been a while since we gathered to revive the tradition.
    Happy New Year!

  3. Delicious, delectable, delightful!
    Merry merry to all your twinkling chicks and you :-)

  4. all four of our children and their spouses and the three grand children spent Christmas week with us.

    the toronto family has left now, but the alaska family, the UK couple and the montreal/chicago newly weds are still here and will be here for new year's eve.

    the pasta the elves are making in the photo is Turkish dumplings - manti. Asan (Grace's husband) was the director-chef of that meal.

    happy new year xx

  5. Happy New Year, Judy.

  6. Impressed with the pudding flame! Ours was barely alight this Christmas. We miss grandpa.


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