Sunday, January 04, 2015


christmas table with old family silver and the june wedding cloth
Our five senses (taste, touch, sight, sound, smell) give us material memories that the body can hold
new year's eve with melted metal luck-fortunes and sugar-coffee-lemon ready for vodka shots
in our unconscious and we are able to access that knowledge of sensuous physical experiences forever.


  1. absolutely gorgeous.. happiest new year to you.. x

  2. These tables are so beautiful! Thank you thank you for showing them to us. The Christmas table feels light and if assembled by the little Santa figures from the things throughout the year that had meaning to them. The lace, dark, lace, silver repetition of the New Year's table is strong and deep. Lovely.

  3. I am hoping that our children and grand children will hold good memories of our 10 days together over he recent holiday. I like to pay attention to the beauty of each table setting - the candles, conversation, delicious food, and most importantly cloth napkins, table linens, heavy cutlery, as touch is the mother of the senses.

    12 around the table plus a clip on high chair every day.

  4. what beautiful festive table settings... happy new year to you!

  5. Ah, you use that gorgeous wedding cloth. Good. I hope somebody spilled something on it cause those stains hold stories, too. And the crocheted cloth - did someone special make it? I have the crocheted bedspread from the hands of The Engineer's grandmother. Perhaps it'll come out of the closet to become a tablecloth next year.

  6. love this so, so much. we will hold the good memories forever


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