Friday, October 03, 2014

Yin Yin

Yin Yin side a detail Judith e Martin 2014

The title of this piece refers to the philosophy of yin and yang.  
If yang is fast, yin is slow.  If yang is sun, yin is moon. 
Yang is my outer self, while yin is my inner.

The photo above shows the first side of this small piece.  
The raw tactility of the wrong side of reverse appliqué dots is emphasized.
I consider them metaphors for our interesting, vulnerable inner selves.
Yin Yin side b  Judith e Martin 2014
The back of the piece, 
usually against the wall,
is marked with the right side of those very same dots.   

This work explores the idea of inner self.
Humans have two sides, public and private.
With two 'wrong' sides this piece represents private and private.  

Included in Visions: The Sky's the Limit opening today in San Diego, California.

It's quite small, only 27" x 36"
Hand stitched with red button thread.
Full views of both sides are here


  1. It is beautiful. Does it say something about me that I prefer the reverse?

  2. A wonderful piece Judy !
    I think we have two good sides, only others often decide what's good or wrong ... we also often show a side to the "public" that's not always true to our inner feelings .... so that should be called the "wrong side" then ??? ... ;-)

  3. there is no right or wrong side, only the side we do or don't want to show. i've often thought i/we should work a piece as usual, and then mount the reverse as the "right" side.

  4. Both sides are gorgeous Judy. I often prefer that the reverse side of pieces. There's just so much more character there it seems.

    How I'd love to see this piece in person. One day...

  5. This piece is a continuation and an affirmation of my work accessing inner self.

    I realized that it answered my question of the duality of right side/wrong side, front/back, outer/ a doctor's waiting room. I was quilting it, with the rough sides of the dots on the top of the work, the neater sides not yet revealed but hidden by the backing cloth...when someone asked me what I was making?
    When I had to explain that this ragged edge was the wrong side of a reverse applique shape to someone who didn't understand, it became clearer to me.

    Before that moment, I was just enjoying the rawness of the texture. After that moment, I worked with a renewed intent and I couldn't shake the idea that neither side was the right side...and perhaps that was how I am too.

    Even though I put my thoughts out here on my blog in a very public venue, I am very private. I'm an introvert. I'm timid. Everything feels raw. Inner/inner.

  6. right side, wrong side, inside, outside, whichever side .... what is amazing to me is the minute - ness of those stitches !
    this is like stippling with pen & ink - with which i am very familiar ... and to which i say 'you can never have too many dots' ... you are incredible #@@@! ! ... got it @@!!
    ps. trying to type with one hand isn't easy... rotator cuff surgery 2 days ago ... can't manage the shift button

  7. i so understand your thoughts here.

  8. Judy, this is so magnificent that words fail me.......

  9. Just gorgeous. Both sides.

  10. I love the intimacy of each of these frayed dots Judy, I want to touch each one & feel the variations through my fingertips...

  11. Mo, that is my test. If my work makes me want to touch it, then it is finished.

    thank you to all for your support and these lovely comments.

  12. I want to rub this pretty thing up against my face. It's irresistible, Judy, made even more captivating by your words. When i was a high school senior, I made my dress for the prom using the so-called wrong side as the right side. My mother and her friends were appalled. It was a scandalous act, for sure. How i wish I still had that puppy.

  13. i've returned to look at this piece several times, and i finally read your words over here...and i understand this, on many levels. blogging is a good place for us introverts. a blessing, really.

  14. Beautifully written texts

    This, one of the most sensual touch poems i have gazed upon. Bloodlines of "I feel, I woman"

    Our vulnerablility energy is raw. Power!


  15. I love the raw texture of the so-called reverse side. A few years ago I stitched both sides of a textile–– I kept flipping it back and forth as I stitched to see how the quality of front and back stitches would interact. It worked.

  16. Great take on the subject! I tried my hand a few months ago on the subject yin/yin but just got confused as I went along because I kept unconsciously doing something yang! I gave up and went in another direction but with more insight after seeing this, I will return to it at some point! I love this - both sides!


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