Wednesday, October 08, 2014

cloud of time

cloud of time 2014 Judith e Martin  365 days marked with stitch
Time is a gift
Time is a whirl
time is a zone
one day = one complete skein of cotton floss used up
time is spent
time is marked
                                                  we are so small in the big picture
                                                                  time is memories
time is the most valuable thing we can spend


  1. How is your dad?
    Time goes by much too quickly.

  2. My dad is confined to bed these days. He's OK but frail. He turned 91 in May. Thanks for asking.

  3. What a fabulous installation!! The Judith Martin Sculpture Garden....

  4. I took it down after the photos. but thanks.

  5. love how you have threaded your time through the trees honouring your & your father's beautiful hands

  6. I hear the earth praising
    This magic circle,
    Touch. Care

    Beautiful hands Woman

  7. this speaks to me on so many levels.... lovely xxxx

  8. Ha, coincidence, tonight we have been drawing mandalas with the theme TIME ;-)

  9. I love the pictures of Cloud weaving in and out of the trees. I'd like to see it as an installation one time.

  10. Judy, this is such a monumental project. The power of your commitment to hand work is an example important to each of us. The inspiration, wise words and directed learning you share with us so valuable.
    Do spend all of the time you can with your father. He is the link that is clearly very important in your life.

  11. The installation through the trees was so beautiful. Perhaps someday you could pair up with a sculptor and wind your work around posts, indoors, so it could be seen in "real time." Lovely photos!

  12. ah, you are marking time for more than yourself, you know. we are all paying attention.


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