Monday, September 29, 2014

days like this

 cloud of time 2014, reverse side shown in progress
 Our weather has been heavenly.  Above, morning with brush pile.
I am completing the large piece, Cloud of Time. (pictured above in the foreground and on the right in the image below)
Inspired by rag rugs, it has already shown in two art galleries.  I am stitching a year, one day at a time.  (One day = one  complete skein of embroidery floss couched around strips of linen damask and found blue cloth)  Last fall in exhibition the piece held about 90 days (shown here) and by February there were 301 days completed. (here).  
Above, the final 64 days.  I'll stitch these panels to the rest of the artwork and there it will be.
A year of days.
Ned and the brush pile, early evening, same day.


  1. a beautiful poetic record of days

  2. Stitching as a daily practice, slow, meditative hand work. How utterly perfect!

  3. Hi Judy, I absolutely love your blog and your work. Every time I am going through a down time with my PhD research I only have to look at your blog and it inspires me so much I am off again. Off to stitch now. Kayx

  4. Thank you for these comments.

    And thank you to the two art galleries, Thunder Bay Art Gallery and the Art Gallery of Sudbury for understanding that it was OK to show this work while it was still ongoing -

    I'm glad to be finally finishing it now.


  5. oh i love that it was still in process. wasn't realizing that. the brush pile burning was a really nice end to this post

  6. Lovely Judy
    These colors remind of my own horizon line, shifting of light.

    Hope all is well. Blessings.

  7. Creation and destruction. Life and death. both sides of the same process...


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