Sunday, April 20, 2014

Manitoulin Circle Project comes home

The Mended World exhibition ended its showing at the Art Gallery of Sudbury in early March.  I was impressed with the careful wrapping by collection manager, Deanna Nebenionquit when she packed the work up.  She used tissue paper and cotton tape to fold and roll the four meditation panels.  
I left them like this for a month.  They seemed so safe.
This weekend I unpacked the bundles in preparation for their re-install in the Little Current United Church.     Above is the marimekko back of the Earth Ark panel.
Marimekko panels were the important 'inner' side of all four of these panels, they link to my Finnish heritage.  They also give these pieces of public art an interesting secret self.  
Once unrolled, I stacked the panels onto a bed.  (shown on the wall, a bit of April's painting of a hibiscus)
Unrolling each panel gave me time to handle and consider them again. 
I love the reverse side of the thick linen thread that was used to hand quilt Mended World with back stitch.   reverse side shown above, public side below.
I pay attention to the small area of pale yellow that acts as a subtle focal point of the large panel. 
Precious water unbundled and stacked on the bed.

Ned hung them on Saturday.   Above is Mended World.
Earth Ark
Precious Water.
My husband was supported throughout the two days of installation by Rick McCutcheon.  Thank you Rick.
Carol and her daughter Colleen brought fresh pussy willows for Easter.  Placed between the panels their open armed gesture welcomed the panels home.
Layers of Time

for Easter Sunday

The Four Meditaiton panels of the Manitoulin Circle Project 
now permanently installed
Little Current United Church on Manitoulin Island. 


  1. This must feel as though they have come full circle Judy. What a wonderful project

  2. Your early works always had a private side and a public side. Love that!
    Happy easter.

  3. Congratulations on the completion of a wonderful project. Do you feel as though you can let the project go now?

  4. I continue to work with the idea of duality, Sandra. I think about the two sides as inner and outer rather than front and back. Often the inner is more interesting - more immense, than what we see on the face of things.

    And to answer Lesley's question, not quite yet. I have started writing a book about the project complete with technical how - to.

    At the same time however, I am in the beginning stages of a new body of work that I find very exciting. So, not to know, but to go on.xx

  5. This looks stunning. Your work will speak to women, and to men.x

  6. i love that these pieces are at home in a holy place a place for contemplation and worship and gathering in your community.

  7. I find these pieces very moving. While I ammostly drawn to a saturated palette, there is a gentleness to these works and they complement the space beautifully. I am so glad they have a permanent home.

  8. Ah, I just noticed the subtle cross in Layers of Time. The quilts are gorgeous. I didn't realize how large they were until I saw them installed in the church. Congratulations! xxoo

  9. What a beautiful blessing -- to you, through you and others to so many. Happy Easter!

  10. What a wonderful legacy, Judy! We're all proud for you and they look beautiful in their permanent home.

  11. Wonderful to see them all together ....
    (love the attention you payed to the backs .... LOVE Marimekko fabric !)

  12. The church and your quilts compliment each other so well! The textiles truly look at home.

  13. These inspire me and touch me everytime I revisit them. One day, I may see them "in person."

  14. Harmonics of Repose

    Agree w/ Velma. What an Easter morning gift from many hands to a future of contemplative souls to gaze upon, be inspired into and through, beyond

  15. Remarkable accompishment

    Cheers to you and the future work.


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