Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Q How to Live? A Don't worry about death.

2. Q. How to live? A. Pay attention

3. Q. How to live? A. Be Born
4. Q. How to live? A. Read a lot, forget most of what you read, and be slow-witted
5. Q. How to live? A. Survive love and loss

6. Q. How to live? A. Use little tricks
7. Q. How to live? A. Question everything

8. Q. How to live? A. Keep a private room behind the shop

9. Q. How to live? A. Be convivial: live with others

10. Q. How to live? A. Wake from the sleep of habit
11. Q. How to live? A. Live temperately
12. Q. How to live? A. Guard your humanity
13. Q. How to live? A. Do something no one has done before

14. Q. How to live? A. See the world

15. Q. How to live? A. Do a good job, but not too good a job

16. Q. How to live? A. Philosophize only by accident

17. Q. How to live? A. Reflect on everything; regret nothing
18. Q. How to live? A. Give up control

19. Q. How to live? A. Be ordinary and imperfect

20. Q. How to live? A. Let life be its own answer

New block prints inspired by the Chapter Headings of Sarah Bakewell’s biography and collected essays of Michel de Montaigne,  “How to Live: One Question and Twenty Attempts at an Answer


Margaret said...

"18. Q. How to live? A. Give up control". Yes. I needed to be reminded of that just now. :-) Thanks!

Karen said...

Gorgeous block prints. Now you've given me another French thinker to add to my list of books to read.

india flint said...

i particularly like this one

::Wake from the sleep of habit::

Judy Martin said...

India, that is one of my faves too.

Madalene Axford Murphy said...

I just ordered Sarah Bakewell's book. I've been looking for a book to lose myself in (or find myself in, depending on the day) and this one might just fill the bill for a while. Thanks, Judy!

Susan said...

Oh the heart leaf is beautiful. It is very alive and seems to have a weight to it with the shading.

sarah j. said...

Yes- all of this.

Valerie Knapp said...

loved this book, I like how you posted the titles… great to be reminded!

Judy Martin said...

I like How To Live? Keep a private room behind the shop.

mansuetude said...

Be Born

How to arrange this ! :)

Threadpainter said...

"Don't worry about death" ... has to be my knew mantra now. Since my birthday a few weeks ago, I have been fixated on how fast 70 yrs is creeping up on me ! Must concentrate on living !
Love your leaf !

wholly jeanne said...

and today, as i prepare to deliver 2 of 3 eulogies for friends who perished in a house fire, this . . . this fortifies me as i go out and honor their lives by telling stories about how they lived. thank you for keeping a room behind the shop and bringing so much beauty into lives of people you may never meet in person.

Heather said...

Are the block prints yours? A beautiful post, lots to think about.

Judy Martin said...

Yes, the block prints are mine. Brand new.
10" x 24"

arlee said...

i could read and stitch and read again, and then stitch the reading