Thursday, February 13, 2014

family paintings

These paintings brings me personal twinges that I realize are too intimate to be experienced by others.
But if I pretended that I am not me, that I am not the mother of the children depicted in them.
That I am instead an interested, compassionate spectator, what do I see?  How do I feel?
What is being communicated?
Natural sunlight and the way it falls on a youthful body , the shadows cast.  Often blue.
A document of years of life.
The lives of our four children from the time they were born until the time they were young adults.
My life.
All of my 30's and 40's are in these paintings.
My creativity blossomed with parenting.
Unconditional love.
I was astonished by the emotion I felt as a new mom.
I was humbled by the responsibility of parenting.
My eyes teared up when they did things I was proud of.
At their beauty and how quickly they changed from one day to the next.  Like water and sky.
I suppose that 26 is not that many paintings.  They are all we have left of the more than a hundred that I turned out while the kids were growing up.
The paintings were made when the kids were sleeping from photographs I took during the busy day time. 
Watercolour is a patient medium and appreciates it when the artist can wait.
Use minutes to splash colour on.
Wait hours before doing that again.


  1. A wonderful way to remember, beautiful watercolors. And, yes, I know that waiting well!!

  2. these just explode my heart...I have a lot of photos but your watercolors distill the moments and emotions so perfectly.

  3. BRIGHT...these are so light filled, they fill me with light...and love. so much LOVE here too. Yes, water color is the medium of patience. Just lovely, Judy.

  4. Anonymous11:38 am

    so gloriously light
    and love filled


    I too painted watercolors
    when my son was small
    later we painted together...
    so good
    to have these precious moments
    the elusive movement of time
    the rock solid permanence of love

  5. Gorgeous images. Lovely memory! Hugs Nat

  6. What treasures...the paintings for your children and your children for you. I think the fluid quality of watercolor is wonderful for capturing fleeting moments. These are lovely.

  7. what a treasure! but the children themselves are the lights in your life, you were representing that light, I think.

  8. Your children are your shining stars. And your work is so much a reflection of you. XOX

  9. Anonymous11:58 am

    of course they have additional meaning for you, but as a casual viewer, I can say they astonish with their free flow brush work, the quantity of light, and most of by documenting the kind of ordinary moments that comprise a wonderful life...

  10. Thank you all for your generous responses.

    The 26 paintings (from 1981 - 2005) are all hanging in our local library for the next six weeks.

    I've shown them before, but as time went along as they were painted, never in a retrospective like this. It's very nice to see them together, and perhaps inspiring for me. I wonder if I should paint the figure again?

  11. I really like your work!! It inspires me! Would you like to take a look at my blog about my art journal?

  12. Gorgeous, loving paintings Judy … I think you should take up the brush again.

  13. so nice to read your thoughts that went along with the exhibition mom.
    still love that outfit i have from the festival. striped skirt and chunky platforms, yes please :)


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