Monday, February 10, 2014

healing power of hand stitch

I borrowed back the little quilt I gave my dad for his 90th birthday.
He uses it for naps.  (see here)
I wanted to stitch into it, strengthen it.
I kept it for about a week but only got half way through.
He needs it and I gave it back to him yesterday. 

"If you are an adult child, you may feel that you are losing your father when he goes into care. 
Even if you haven't felt for a long time that you needed your protector, just the knowledge in the back of your mind that he was there provided a kind of security. 
You don't know it is there until you don't have it anymore."  Peter S. Silin


  1. It's a lovely quilt and I like the fact that your dad missed it and wanted it back. It's part of you, it's security.

  2. Touched me. Really really got to the heart of the matter, and the healing was all in the color for me. That glorious blue made manifest in all it's detail to be a supreme act of love. Forgive me if I rave.

  3. This quilt is the same colours as the flag of Finland, my father's place of birth.

    I titled the piece SISU, which means strength...never-give-in-ness...and other things untranslatable.

  4. Beautiful... and I agree with MS... the color is healing. My father's family was from Latvia, just across the sea, we're probably related (hehehe)

  5. Your quilts are so unconventional, peaceful; rhythmic in colour and intentional in stitch. No wonder your father treasures this one.

  6. what a treasure.

    I made a quilt for my dad but made the mistake of telling him that it had been in an exhibit at a museum. He hung over the back of a chair in his room and (I was told later) only put it on his bed when I was visiting. My sibs sent it back to me when he was finished with it and I use it all the time. Powerful stuff this cloth.

  7. it must have been good work, stitching more into that one.

  8. Anonymous8:52 pm

    I hear your touch
    and I can feel your voice
    this is a treasure indeed...

  9. A lovely and warm quilt and in indigo blue as well. I want to try my hand on this holes in cloth one day. I want to be like you when I grow up Judy. You inspired me with your stitching! Thank you so much!!!

  10. It is so lovely that he wanted it back, but also beautiful that you wanted to put some more love in it with your stitching.

  11. Touching heart with those deep blues and your beautiful words for your father

  12. I stitch it when I visit him , even briefly. Heals me.

  13. Oh that you stitch on it while you are with him. So nice. You touch on so many dear things here, Judy. So much of it centered on family. I love your work because you stitch all of this into what you do.

  14. a quilt is a hug.

  15. my first response is to say "Oh, Judy" and trust you know all that is meant and felt in those two small words. and then, a question: did you sketch or imagine this quilt before starting, or did your hands lead the way . . . just as they do in these tender relationships, choosing and trying and grappling and touching their way through?


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