Thursday, October 31, 2013

Her costumes

My lucky grandboys have a mom who makes them animal suits for Halloween.  She asks them what they want to be, and then adjusts a basic pattern to their whims.  Made from fun fur, these costumes are cozy and her family has built up an enviable collection.  This year we have Puppy (4 years) and  Raccoon (7 years).  (Raccoon carries his baby in his pouch.)
Oona started making costumes when she was quite young.  Above, spider, age 11.     
From the same old photo album, a snap of Jay designing a not too scary face for the pumpkin.

While it's nice to look back on, I do not miss the Halloween hoopla.  Be safe and have fun everyone.  


  1. Ha, the talent sure runs in the family Judy !!!
    Happy quiet Halloween
    (we do not celebrate that over here)

  2. we are hiding up in the tv room (me and our dog, theo) he would just bark and cause a riot at every knock at the door.

    loved the little guys.. they are lucky to have such a talented mom. as she was too...

    Happy Halloween

  3. What wonderful creativity and craft. The kids are delicious. I stay close to home, make pumpkin pies and fritters to you as we descend through November to Winter. PS--I have no access to email till a friend comes next week to fix my newest GOOGLE snafu...I have blogger and face book though...there's a blog post from me today too. Hope you visit there if you have time.

  4. Halloween is one of those new celebrations in Spain, 'imported' so to speak. It sounds fun but I think I wouldn't be very fond of the hoopla either.

  5. cuteness - they are lucky grandchildren and will long cherish these memories, no doubt. we did halloween till my son developed diabetes. then instead of buying candy, we treated our family to dinner and movie out. in costume, of course. it's a tradition that continues till this day.

  6. She lets them pick out what they want to be . . . . and then the raccoon baby! Sweet as their smiles!


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