Saturday, October 26, 2013

time or place?

This moment in my timeline - post Mended World exhibition - post degree - post studio
I am trying to find the correct road and place myself on it. 
I'm working at home: 
kitchen studio - desk, light, pin wall, storage
upper bedroom studio - thinking space, work table, pin wall, books, journals, fabric storage
living room studio -viewing pin wall, reading space, good natural light for hand stitching
dye studio - downstairs laundry room, upstairs kitchen sink and stove
works on paper studio - the lower bedroom has my studio work tables now
business office - computer desk, closet, file boxes
storage - flat file, cupboards and closets within the house, boxes under beds
I say to myself:  What's more important?  TIME or PLACE?
Even if I don't have a special place anymore, I still have TIME.
I will work three hours a day with no interruptions AS IF I was in my studio.
three hours.
towards a new body of work
without a road


  1. I too work at home. Living alone (save the 2 cats) I can work wherever, but have a dedicated room with sewing machine, cutting tables, pressing/ironing space, bookcase, storage. Aiming for 4-6 hours a day, 4 days a week. I am inspired by your dedication to routine, practice, stitch. Your work continues to bless me. May your new body of work process smoothly wherever you find yourself.

  2. Ah, Judy - Your life right now is a mirror to my imagined future as I head toward moving to Seattle this spring from our home and my studio here in Petersburg. Facing a time when I (probably) will not have a studio and (may) be working from 'home' is sometimes very scary. Thank you for sharing your experience and strength which gives me hope. -sus

  3. beautiful work Judy!
    Old Man Crow and make all the art and music here at home, the whole house is our studio!

  4. exquisite as always....I work at home...same apartment for 47 years...chock full of projects and possibilities...but I am still de-cluttering and another decade I hope to be clear, a blank page for whatever future is left me...and, who knows then.

  5. thank you judy for the comment on my blog
    I to work at home and get my inspiration mostly on the net
    I visite your blog and love your work very much

  6. i betcha a little thread will lead you.

  7. Well Judy, it might be that PLACE is always there where you are working at that moment in time ...
    A studio is probably best, but when you don't have one, you make your "studio" anywhere else ..... ;-)
    Love your piece : TIME that was are all the tiny red stitches, TIME that comes are all te white spaces ....

    So special to see these thick white "blobs" where there are no stitches yet !

  8. You-- you are the " special place ".

  9. I like it very much.
    It is very simple and beautiful.
    Many thanks

  10. Can't wait for you to get here when we can talk about the paths we take. I too am wondering about my work and where to go from here.

  11. You could almost be describing my working spaces. I work at home and my areas are divided among the attic (computer/bookshelves/storage drawers), my living-room (drawing/painting/sewing table) and the kitchen (dyeing/rusting lair). There are many inconveniences in this but I think the most important working places are within us, in our soul and our imagination. If we have room for them there, the rest will follow.

  12. i chuckle as i recognize my creating space(s) in your words. spent a good deal of time pouting, then decided, in the spirit of it-is-what-it-is, that it simply means that my creativity is not confined to one physical space. that spreading out like that (even though of necessity more than choice) was reinforcing this stage of my life when creativity is my life, not just a component of, not just a box in the closet of my life. some days it works better than others . . .

  13. As most of the women here, I also work at home. What is more needed in my life nowadays is time, with no doubt. I can adapt myself to a small space, but it tis more difficult for me to deal with the lack of time.


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