Saturday, November 02, 2013

a roof of birds

With all the migrant wishes
Stapled to their spars
The earth is wound
From black silk strands
From shadowed terrors
Waiting to explode
 And then they do,
The birds,
As one,
 Driving the heart out,
Turning the air to cloth

poem by Barry Sheinkoph

artwork by :
Anong Beam - bowl
Tom Benner - paper study and wood sculpture from exhibition Call of the Wild
Gloria Putumiraqtaq - embroideries (from baker lake)
Moi - work in progress


  1. Your dark birds are beautiful Judy!

  2. lovely .....this post calmed me down after a hectic morning.

  3. At this time of year, murmurings of birds rise up from the fields, and I am always taken away.

    The bowl and the top Gloria embroidery are objects that I see every day in my home. The Tom Benner exhibition - I saw on Thursday at the Art Gallery of Sudbury when I went to see the spaces again - Mended World will be exhibited there in January.

    And the bird quilt - I started it 2008 - and put it aside for 5 years. I'm stitching it now with multi-coloured sky - but am fairly sure that I will over-dye the whole thing after it is stitched. Shall see.

    Bird imagery is really powerful. The Soul is like a bird on the wing.

  4. swoon. your birds remind me of the short film produced by 2 girls while they were canoeing and captured a mummeration of birds. google for it. so worth it.

  5. turning the air to cloth. i love this. and i love your birds and wiat to see what happens at the end-overdye or not-and how it will be.

  6. Loving your rookery. Agreed: birds hold such powerful symbolism . . . especially black birds.

  7. work in progess is a great companion of the poem..beautiful

  8. So poetic, the poem and your quilt. You always put nice images in my mind.


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