Wednesday, August 07, 2013

our hands sing red

A document.
Each person who has stitched or otherwise helped in the creation of the four meditation panels of the manitoulin circle project will be named in a permanent book.   I'm asking for a tracing of each person's hand which I then can use as a pattern.  I have painted paper with a variety of red and flesh coloured transfer dye that is then cut into the hand shapes and heat transferred (with an iron) into a large book.  (100% post consumer waste hand made paper from India)
We sign in each Thursday that we stitch together so I have each person's signature.  Scanned and flipped in the computer these are transferred to the hand made paper with solvent.
Two volumes filled.  141 participants.  


  1. What a superb idea and so beautifully executed.

  2. And why red? ("There is power in the blood..."?

  3. A wonderful project in itself!

  4. This monumental project has taken on a true life of its own and will become a treasure for not only the Manitoulin community, but for the history of Ontario and Canada.

    Many congratulations on the innovation, the many thousands of hours and stitches and for the absolute beauty of the entire project from start to finish.Thank you everyone. Celebrate Judy!

  5. inspired documentation

  6. A personal and sensitive record of hand work. You are to be congratulated for documenting women's work so thoroughly.

  7. What a wonderful way of documenting this fabulous project.

  8. Anonymous6:40 pm

    this is beautiful Judy.


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