Sunday, August 11, 2013

mended world

 I think the cross stitch marks the place where this cloth was stitched. 
I purchased it in IKEA department store about five years ago for not very much money.  A pillow cover.  It used to be black fabric. 
I think about Three Continents by El Anetsui
 Each stitch made from metal waste.
Then I am reminded of this wedding gift from Etsy  for Grace and Asan.  Their two countries, Canada and Turkey each outlined with stitch.
"I want to put the world into a painting, and then for that painting to repair the world."  Sean Scully


  1. These are so lovely.And fancy finding the first one at Ikea! Thank you for showing and inspiring.

  2. i have loved sean sculley for years. i love his blocks and love blocks in general. i always want to weave like this.

    as always you are an inspiration

  3. Remarkable and beautiful each one..


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