Sunday, August 11, 2013

mended world

 I think the cross stitch marks the place where this cloth was stitched. 
I purchased it in IKEA department store about five years ago for not very much money.  A pillow cover.  It used to be black fabric. 
I think about Three Continents by El Anetsui
 Each stitch made from metal waste.
Then I am reminded of this wedding gift from Etsy  for Grace and Asan.  Their two countries, Canada and Turkey each outlined with stitch.
"I want to put the world into a painting, and then for that painting to repair the world."  Sean Scully


Unknown said...

These are so lovely.And fancy finding the first one at Ikea! Thank you for showing and inspiring.

linda said...

i have loved sean sculley for years. i love his blocks and love blocks in general. i always want to weave like this.

as always you are an inspiration

Fiona Dempster said...

Remarkable and beautiful each one..