Tuesday, August 13, 2013

meditation panel four

 Layers of Time came off the quilt frame on Friday night and I brought it home.
Over the weekend I have been looking at it.  It stuns me.
The immensity of it.
Q:  is it finished?
A:  for now.

We will be binding it this Thursday August 15, 2013.  It's the end.  Come and reminisce, everyone.


  1. I love it.
    I love them all.

  2. I cannot even imagine being in the presence of this ...

  3. Wish I could be there. Wish it would inspire our congregation...only 2 of us quilt, and I am the only active 1. Blessings on the binding!

  4. My heart is there. I'm with Sweetpea. I can almost feel it's weight.

  5. congratulations on achieving a goal a nd on creating such a thing of beauty

  6. Yes it is stunning. I only wish I could see it in person ....and touch it. Amazing

  7. Judy and everyone there enjoy your binding and congratulations!

  8. Power

    (and what Velma feels, too)

    When did you first imagine this project.

  9. June 2009 was the first inkling.

    I've started to write something about it. I'm using my entries in this blog as a help.

    It's fresh in my mind, it feels important, I want to gather it up in my hands.

    Thanks for support.xxxxx

  10. wow - such a visual impact - amazing! Off the Wall Friday is open on my blog if you care to link up and share it!

  11. i may have to go up there one day. i'll take my chair and sit for hours, starring in respectful silence.


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