Monday, August 05, 2013

circles of time

In June

I would like to thank the women who continued to quilt on this piece during the spring and into summer when I was away.  This kind of support and belief continues to amaze and inspire me. 
In July

This final panel of the Manitoulin Circle Project is entitled Layers of Time.  The wool squares, the lace doilies, the squares of damask in the lower half of the white area were layered onto foundations before being hand quilted.  All of the materials are vintage, most donated.  
I've been going in to town to quilt on this every day for the last three weeks and will continue every day for two more.  It's part of the Mended World exhibition that is scheduled to open in Thunder Bay Art Gallery in early September.
August 1
Paper templates guide where to quilt circles in the lace area.  Ten more days of quilting.  Only.
Time moves so quickly, even when you do slow things. Then it is gone.

This type of work does hold time.  So many layers and levels of time are caught here.


  1. wish i could touch the miracle of those textures

  2. This is so beautiful, the textures so tactile

  3. Such a beautiful memorial to those who have worked with textiles in the past and do so today. Thanks, Judy, for naming today's otherwise anonymous creators.

  4. Oh my Judy! I am in love with everything about this project, the honouring, the community, the time... it is so full of the muchness of life!

  5. This one might be my favourite of all time. Dear Judy I remember so well seeing a show of yours for the very first time.....walking into that gallery and the immediate feeling of being embraced by your work and wanting to embrace it back. How wonderful it would be to be in Thunder Bay in September.

  6. oh my, judy! this is simply too amazing for words! i am awe-struck! i can't get the images of it out of my mind...and feel enriched by it!

  7. Penny
    So interesting, your word 'embrace'. I love that.

    Especially since I just sent my daughter in England a quilt that I have been sleeping under myself for three months - because I wanted her to be able to pull it over her and feel hugged by me.


    A good title for an exhibition perhaps. Thanks.

    And thanks to all who have commented and encouraged this project. much appreciated and needed - this good feedback.


  8. What an enormous project, so lovely, what commitment and vision. And coming to its fruition.

  9. Makes such an Impact. Huge presence. Huge impact. Power and care manifest.

  10. This cloth is a treasure. A treasure of time and love.
    Congratulations to you and all the women that worked on it.


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