Wednesday, July 24, 2013

interdependence and emptiness

Peach/Blue, 34"H x 26"W, 2012, Gail Baar
 The quilts in this post are by Chicago artist, Gail Baar.
Juncture 1, 47"H x 50"W, 2012, Gail Baar
Orange, 23"H x 20"W, 2012, Gail Baar
I found her work online last year, and have remembered it.  Simplicity and purity.
Juncture 4, 36"H x 44"W, 2013, Gail Baar
Interdependence and Emptiness are two ideas of critical importance to the Dalai Lama. 
orange/burgundy 33"H x 35" W. 2012, Gail Baar
 Those rather complex ideas seem easier to understand when I look at these quilts. 
Squared: 7, 52"H x 55"W, 2012, Gail Baar

Visit the galleries on Gail's blog to see these and many many more pieces that she has made since 2009.

"Like a mirror reflecting light, it allows us to see and get in touch with our own humanity" 

 Victor Chan about the Dalai Lama's pure center.


  1. oooo... I love "Squared". The ideas of interdependence and emptiness together is kind of a Zen koan!

  2. i find these quiet but bold, contemplative.

    i think this kind of emptiness is fullness --expansive beyond all awareness of any otherness....

    (says the woman who just ate a delicious lunch and is full) :)

    love the word interdependence too

  3. I agree that these spare pieces reflect those concepts, 'interdependence and emptiness'.

    Interesting how, for JC, it was/is 'interdependence and fullness'....

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