Sunday, July 21, 2013

I'm not depressed

indigo bahamas
 I've been moving out of my studio - ten loads a day down the stairs, into the car.
my blue dress and spiral on paper
For the near future, I will not have an out of house studio.  I'll work from my home.   
I'll miss the pin walls.
The top two images are pieces I pinned to that important wall and never finished.
The bottom photo is of the back of Cross My Heart when I was just starting it. 
(Quilt National 2011 piece)
"I'm not depressed, I am just a normal Finn"  
(quote by Dad today in Finlandia nursing home - made me laugh)


  1. May your new 'home' location inspire old, new and maybe different work :)
    Best to you.

  2. Judy, I love your Dad's quote!
    Best wishes with your new arrangement. -sus

  3. I must be Finnish. How good to have a new way to view that mood from your dad. Thank him for me and tell him I'll think of it any time I get a bit too indigo. It's a lot of work to dismantle a space and refit it into another one. Hope you take breaks frequently.

  4. ohhh Judy - I hope your move goes smooth. I always wondered if I would be more productive if I had on out of a house studio - with no distractions. But since I just got my in home studio I guess I'll try that for now! I hope you'll blog out the space so we can share - also link it to Sew Spaces on my blog! Knowing some Fins here - I got a giggle on the punnish quote!

  5. Ha.... that quote is great!

  6. We could say exactly the same about people from Galicia, my home land in Spain... Always melancholic... :/

  7. I have a studio... in my living room now... I used to have a separate space, but I have never been so happy as I am when I am working at "home." And I love your father's observation. Very sweet!!! Good luck, and enjoy having everything all together... I think you will love it!

  8. Precious. I feel your weight going down those stairs Judy. We just go 'on'. That's all we can do. It is a disruption from routine for sure. I've had so many of them now I think it has 'become' the routine. To bounce back, to not take things so seriously, to know I'm 'fine'. This too will pass, or it won't. It just IS. ox

  9. Taking down unfinished work - quite a metaphorical process... Best of luck in the "new" workspace; having everything in the same place does have its advantages!
    Love the quote.

  10. Best wishes for the transition. I too am moving to a new place, this one with more room to work.

  11. Judy, I just read this article about a BC community, Sointula, founded by Finnish people. You might be interested...

  12. Sorry to hear you're moving out of your studio. I thought that was all sorted out. Oh well. You'll find a better place and the new wall will be easier to install now that Ned has experience.:-)

  13. I had a reprieve. The first date I was supposed to be out was end of May - then it was changed to end of July.

  14. I laughed at your Dad's comment. He is completely right (and I can say that as a Finn).

  15. I know all too well the pain it is to move an entire studio and do a "re-fit" of it somewhere else! Unpack as you go, it's much easier to find things and get back at it.

  16. i'm gonna tell mom that
    she's been dealing with her stroke
    it'll be a great saying for her.

    it might be more convenient to work at home?

    as you go thru things put the stuff that catches your eye aside so you have it handy its a way of rewarding you for all the hard work.

    your next studio will be better

  17. that's a lot of hauling, judy. take care of your body. i understand your dad's comment, but can't claim nordic blood, only north country sensibility.

  18. Perhaps you will like working from home, just wait. I have a separate room (Virginia Woolf! A Room of one's own) at home, and I love it because I can even sneak in when there is a very short time-window, perhaps unexpectedly. Admittedly, I can also just run downstairs and turn the washer on, but I am pretty good at not letting myself be disrupted. Just a little bit of self-discipline.
    And there are a lot of Finns out there!


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