Sunday, July 28, 2013

woody branches

Cedar twiggy branches
were used along with river rock to hold aspen branches erect in tall glass cylinders.
We needed about a dozen for the wedding,
so that each table had a tree.


  1. What a lovely idea. I love trees (even mini ones.)

  2. honoring the trees in a beautiful way.

  3. Love this idea . . . it's beautiful and the trees are tall enough so that people can still see each other. I'm gobsmacked by photo #4. Absolutely gobsmacked. The lights and especially the upper lefthand corner. Can't tell what it is, exactly, but it's very comforting as well as intriguing to me. I'm on a lot of drugs right now, but I'm still gonna' tell you that it makes me think of ancestors in attendance.

  4. sparkles, fairy lights and wood nymphs....magic!

  5. The idea to use twigs came from Cassandra Danz's book, Mrs. Greenthumbs.

    "Some people use special florist's supplies to support their flowers, like frogs, pins, marbles, or that green spongy stuff. I think they're fine, but never use them. To use them would mean that I have to buy them. ...I cut a twiggy stem and stick it in the bottom of the container. The twigs hold the stems upright as well as a frog does, and they have another advantage - they can be thrown onto the compost pile along with the spent flowers.

    I did a lot of research about getting those branches to stand tall and straight yet still have a fullness on top - this advice was the best, and the wedding was so beautiful, the hotel will be using photos of it in their promotional brochure.

    Thanks for your support.

  6. it was soooo beautiful - thanks to you

  7. you made such elegance out of the rough woods. Lovely!

    I've used this idea before, for arranging flowers in a large vase, it gives some good gripping places to align the stems. Secret inner worlds of support, spiral upon spiral... :)

  8. What a beautiful idea Judy! Love any trees indoors - brings nature right inside to bring calm and beauty


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