Tuesday, May 21, 2013

art in life

anna's garden

fall all over

kristina's roses

We're into wedding prep here.  Daughter Grace is marrying Asan in late June.  I have been wondering if I could allow myself to use one or two of Alabama Chanin's beautiful stencils and embellish some cloth for the wedding.  I'm running out of time however.  Wouldn't it be a treat to use someone else's designs? It would be a gift in a way.  It would be a way to learn from an expert.   Please visit  Alabama for more information about the stencils pictured above.     
 Tonight I experimented with cloth rose petals, strung on nylon thread.
While doing this, I thought about life. 
Life itself is a work of art.


Penny Berens said...

Oh, yes! It's going to be a beautiful wedding. Can't wait to see how you decorate your dress.
I'm having a ball with Dorothy Caldwell in Columbus.

Threadpainter said...

Weddings , particularily a child's, bring so much to your head and heart ... in the end, much joy.
Whatever you wear, you will be a gorgeous mother of the bride !
Sending you my best wishes for a glorious occasion.

Margaret said...

Best wishes for joyous prep and even more joy on the day -- and in the young couple's life together. Whatever you do with the stencils (or not) will be just right!

mansuetude said...

Yes. A work of art. And a miracle.

Gonna b a busy busy summer. Have fun !

over the rainbow said...

ooooo.....I LOVE Anna's garden and am stitching a garment with that pattern now. I figure it will take me 'til the end of summer if I'm lucky. This wedding celebration is sure to be delicate and beautiful. I think the petals are stunning! I can't wait to hear more as the day arrives.....

Valerianna said...

Sure is.. yes. And I remember while living abroad, I met a man from Germany who told me they have a term there - a "life artist" - meaning a person who live a creative life, could be an artist, but not necessarily, if I remember correctly (been about 25 years!). Just thought of this after reading your post.

over the rainbow said...

Yes Valerianna and Judy, I have been listening (after reading, years ago) to Thomas Moore's Care of the Soul. In it he speaks of the importance of the 'Art' of everyday life. He said there is a danger in elevating art such as found in museums.....because the 'Art' of everyday life is just as important.

montse llamas-artsandcats said...

A wedding celebration is a good opportunity to bring creativity into everyday life. Nevertheless, it is often too stressing to put some things in practice.
I am not very fond of weddings, although I myself will be involved in one soon... ;)

deemallon said...

Someone once said to me : 'wedding planning and prep will take as much time as you give it'.... true enough!

I love the rose petals. Ethereal and romantic!