Friday, May 24, 2013

Anu Tuominen

 "Anu Tuominen is one of the most acclaimed conceptual artists in Finland".
pot holders installed
She collects and organizes flea market finds.  She is concerned with colour, shape and the handmade.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              .
deep blue - hand stitch
 She elevates the handmade.
light green - crochet
 Crochet is a favourite medium.  She has an MFA from the Academy of Fine Art in Helsinki.
fingerprints - crochet
".When an object is handmade, you can see the artist's unique touch in it.  Hand, as well as time and labour, have left their mark on the object.  A handmade object is full of fingerprints."  Anu Tuominen
fleur de sel - crochet
 She uses the familiar things of every day.  Simple things.  We viewers have dream like associations.  
carrots - crochet
I discovered Anu Tuominen's art in three catalogues in the bookshop of the Kiasma art gallery here in Helsinki.   However, all images in this post are from blogs and the artist's own website. Visit here, here,  and  here for starters.
red yellow blue black white - crochet
"Hand craft is a unique media.  It binds the life of the creator with the life of the creation and the creator's life becomes the creation" 

And yes, Ned and I are in Finland.


  1. gosh you get around! I've only been in Helsinki in the winter....took a wrong turn. Sounds like you've found a haven there....

  2. Thank you for sharing Anu Tuominen's work. Wow!! The potholder piece is especially wonderful.

  3. She has a great sense of humour...Love those carrots!

  4. Thrilling work to be introduced to, Judy. Those carrots !
    Magic. Thanks. -sus

  5. Such fun! Loving those salt shakers.

  6. these are wonderful . i have not been to finland but my husband took his mother for her 80th birthday . her family was from there .

  7. Thank you for sharing I hadn't ever seen Anu Tuominen's work before. I wonder what number crochet hook she uses , some of thread used is sewing thread.Boggles my mind.

  8. Thank you for sharing Anu's's amazing! Really really amazing! Enjoy your time in Finland.

  9. Thank you for showing Anu Tuominen's work. What a pity, I was in Helsinki last week and didn't know to look for this :-(

  10. The Fleur de Sel are pure magic. I want to see more and I wonder what patterns my salt shakers would crochet if they could.

  11. I love this post Judy! And thanks for answering my question..What? is she in Finland??

  12. Forgot about these and seeing again, brings happiness to my soul this morning.

  13. i really love this work, elevating the "mundane', connecting, all of those things that are deeply everyday and human. and woman.

  14. Anonymous9:58 am


  15. Stunning. The potholders. Flowers of the sea from " hand shakers". Thank you both.

  16. amazingly beautiful,inspiringly wonderful


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