Saturday, May 18, 2013

passage of time

 When Vincent Van Gogh was 32 he bought a stack of Japanese prints and studied them.
 He was influenced by the clear contour, the unshaded light, and the pure colour laid down with no attention to gradation of tone.
 "In studying Japanese art one finds out how the wise, the philosophic, the intelligent man spends his time."  Vincent
And still this project continues.  It must seem as if this is the only stitching that I am doing.  One skein of embroidery floss a day.

Now I am stitching the panels together into a long river of time.


  1. Even if it were the only one, it makes palpable the way a wise, intelligent and philosophic woman has spent her time.

  2. I like the idea of a cloth as a river of time...

  3. love the rolled up images of this journal--Scroll comes to mind. Sacred, voice, time.

    Both Vincent and Virginia W offer such wealth via their journals... you and your work, your blog, the sense of time spoken through all--seem tap root emerged from this tradition; attention, transform/inform, inspire.

  4. Van Gogh was wiser than even him thought. And what to say about his sensibility...

  5. Your photos are is your work. I would feel satisfied with 'only' stitching this river. I love when you share it with us.

  6. 'river of time', yes.
    really piling up and looking delicious already.


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