Monday, April 15, 2013

not to know but to go on

 I took up stitching as my art form when I was an active mother of four.  With the quilt hoop next to the sandbox I was able to practice an art form larger than life, yet made during  it.
Herman, dad's cat
Thank you each very much for the supportive concern you've sent re: the recent loss of my beautiful studio.  I realize now that I was lucky to have had that space for six years.
I'm in Kingston again.  My father will be discharged soon from that rehabilitation hospital.  It's a new page for him, and I'm here to help him turn it.  I've picked up my art and brought it here to complete.
 Three years of panels need to be dated and sewn together with cotton tape.
"Our wills and fates do so contrary run
Our thoughts are ours
Their ends none of our own" 
       the player king in Hamlet


  1. About the was a beautiful space indeed but made beautiful by your work, your books, your fabrics and your threads and most importantly your spirit. A new space will open up.
    Your father is experiencing big changes too and thank goodness you can be there to support him.
    Big hugs to you, dear Judy.

  2. I agree with Penny. A studio is only a space. it is your beautiful work that makes it special and that will go on.

  3. i got to bring my mom home from rehab friday,
    her knitting is sketchy but i think we'll try weaving again in between sorting the house stuff.

    mourning a space is a rite of passage, may you find a better place soon.

    good luck with your dad,
    i'll be bring dad home from rehab
    then i'll wish i was twins.

  4. and so your dad leaves his studio, too . . .

  5. Somehow I missed that post... well, I must say I am so influenced by my surroundings that the space I create in is of utmost importance. For that matter, where I live and its relative quiet and peace is also essential. I find that my new, beautiful studio space, designed by me has supported my work to grow to the next level. Its a pleasure to be in there - a sanctuary. Hope you find something great for your next studio.

    And may your father's transition out of rehab be gentle.

  6. I like what Faun said:

    "mourning a space is a rite of passage, may you find a better place soon".
    Its all about your art, and thats beautiful and special.........

  7. Although I do not have children, I started sewing as my form of art for the same reason. I had not been painting for years and was even scared to be alone in my studio, in front of a canvas. But sewing in the coach while watching TV seemed so easy...
    Best wishes, Judy.

  8. am sorry to hear about you losing your studio. I hope you find another place where you can work. I had to give up my studio last summer, as circumstances meant I could no longer afford it. I've moved into my garage; work from home now. It's good. Though there is something, just something, about travelling to a seperate space to do artwork. It's a place in the world, seperate from 'home'. But i like being home. Jan

  9. Ah, Hamlet. I like this quote, but poor Hamlet so lost his inner core. Everywhere he went, wrong action, chaos of mind and intention. Tragedy.

    You on the other hand ..
    expect flood of Grace.

    "Karma is the eternal assertion of human freedom... Our thoughts, our words, our deeds are the threads of the net which we throw around ourselves.


    blessings to your Dad and his transition.

  10. Your stitched cloths are very soothing to look at. Sorry about your studio, you will start a new space elsewhere just as good or better - Lovely to hear you are helping your dad to turn a page. We are all need the helping hand to turn pages in our lives - Best wishes Judy - Big hugs Nat

  11. helen salo11:37 pm

    "I brought my art here to complete" so you're saying three years and it's done? How did you settle on three years? does it have to do with the end and beginning of a new studio, as well?I think the word "complete" is what throws me, but perhaps you mentioned it before as to when it would be "done" and I missed it??

  12. I am touched by the thought of art as the constant through the years, from the days of caring for our young children right on through to the now of caring for our aged parents.
    wishing you peace, sus

  13. sad to hear that you will be losing your little studio/art home. It has been a precious space for you these past six years. Holding lots of special memories....

    Stitching your diary cloth together. There will be lovely memories sparked doing that.

    Take care and I hope you find a beautiful studio space soon.

    Jacky xox

  14. Judy, a great studio may allow you to breathe a bit more deeply, to open and stretch your wings more widely, but it is not what makes you fly. You beautiful work transcends the studio. I believe this change will not hinder you.


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