Thursday, April 18, 2013

star chart

Star chart  painted with mineral pigments on tanned elk leather
The many tiny stars in the middle represent the milky way
A sacred object of the Skidi Pawnee tribe who lived in what is now Nebraska
Buffalo hunters
village livers
cosmic believers
It entered the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago in 1906
it was already between 100 and 300 years old
the north star is the largest cross

Sources:  here  and here  with thanks.


  1. This is just amazing!-Julie

  2. now *that* is some inspiring

  3. ah but to hold it, one could feel a galaxy in the "palm of your hand," that experience of destiny in an hour.

  4. Beautiful, thank you for sharing this.

  5. This is "up there" with paintings/maps of Aboriginal dreamings, Mbuti mudcloth story maps, navigation charts of the Marshall Islanders ... and I know not what (yet). Thanks for sharing.


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