Monday, March 25, 2013

abstract emotions

the islands, 1961, acrylic and graphite on canvas, 72 x 72 inches, Agnes Martin
 In a Chinese vase we can see all that the artist rejected
flying in the wind, 1963, oil and graphite on canvas, 75 x 75 inches, Agnes Martin
 in order to have as close an approximation of his response to reality.
cow, 1960, oil on canvas, 69 x 69 inches, Agnes Martin
 We can feel the same as he felt, looking at his work.
white flower, 1960, oil on canvas, 72 x 72 inches, Agnes Martin
 The same response is made continually over a thousand years.
night sea, 1963, oil and gold leaf on canvas, 72 x 72 inches, Agnes Martin
 Proving it is reality.
this rain, 1960, oil on canvas, 70 x 70 inches, Agnes Martin
 This is what art is about.  Agnes Martin.
Back in my studio after too long away, the first thing I did was to hang the self portrait recently retrieved from Sudbury art gallery art rental.   
This Agnes quote was already on the wall.


  1. The quote. The self portrait. A fine pairing indeed. Welcome back.

  2. Your self portrait is stunning. I want to make that blanket , is all I can mutter. Not, I want to have that blanket, but to make it. It is beautiful. Does it exist?

  3. I love that quote... and I've always been fond of Agnes Martin. I can see the cloth-stitch aspect of her work as I'm seeing her anew through your eyes. Maybe I have seen it before but had forgotten. Anyway, its good to see something new in an old friend.

    I like that you are wrapped in texture in your self-portrait.

  4. I can see why you are drawn to Agnes Martin's work as she must be drawn to yours. Hope you had a lovely holiday.

  5. Lovely Agnes Martin quotes and photos... interesting that your self-portrait, with you tightly wrapped (in what could seem an elaborate design), has the same simplicity as that Chines vase she describes. Very cool!

  6. Love the abstract emotions!

  7. No wonder I have affinity for your work. Agnes Martin is one of my top 10 favs. Please allow me to share another Agnes gem... from Beauty is the mystery of Life. When I think of art I think of beauty. Beauty is the mystery of life. It is not in the eye it is in the mind. In our minds there is an awareness of perfection.

    NOW, my words...I strive for beauty and attention to the stitch. Thank you for you post.


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