Thursday, March 28, 2013


The fourth meditation circle within its surrounding square.
 bias bindings
(note the original sketch above on the left)
poof, it's in the frame and we start quilting
Manitoulin Circle Project, every Thursday at the Little Current United Church, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada.
All welcome.


  1. This piece is amazing, Judy...just awesome!

  2. Love the way the old lace honours the women who made it by the light of the moon, I want to touch the all the magic made in the knots of all those squares and the hand quilting in a sewing circle, such a beautifully realized dream.

  3. najlaa6:39 pm

    Love this work. Great

  4. ohhh Judy - I love love this - love the use of texture and the monochromatic palette. Plus its fun to see the ole skool quilt frame! Someone gave me one of those once. I hope you share this on Off the Wall Friday!

  5. What pleasure to stitch together I imagine.
    Wish I lived close enough to join you.

  6. Yes, Mo Crow, It is like a dream. You are very perceptive. I can imagine all the women's hands lovingly making the lace doilies that are layered over each other, some new , some old.
    The grid of knots and crosses is on vintage wool blankets that have yellowed naturally with age.

    I think the title should have something to do with time. Time past, time future, time present, time together, dream time.

    Thanks for your support always, everyone who comments here.

  7. is this that last one? it is strong, and so beautiful.

  8. Dear Judy....I just love this piece. I love them all but I just Love this one! I have just been given a lovely box of lacy doilies.

  9. this is so amazingly beautiful... and i adore the lace...

  10. I, too, see threads of time. Women's hands in motion as they create something of beauty . . . with and without thread. This piece is stunning, Judy. The doilies give it an element of surprise somehow, as well as another portal for the viewer. For months I've been gathering doilies for Nancy's second set of drawings. Now I am even more excited.

  11. oh, i wish i could drop in and quilt on this piece. i have always wanted to do this. the conversations must be wonderful. i love this blog and your work.
    an admirer from a far.



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