Friday, September 07, 2012

eyelet stitch

Finally, we begin the last section of the last panel.  These eyelet stitches are for the upper half of the inner circle.  

An eyelet stitch is essentially buttonhole stitch worked in a circle around a single entry place.  The stitches form a central hole in the fabric. 
 It's slow work, but that's OK.  We don't want to finish things quite yet.
We enjoy the weekly stitching .  Next week we'll probably "roll"  the third panel, Precious Water, twice.  From both sides.
Also next week we are celebrating three years of working together with an Open House.  I will be tracing the hands of all those who have contributed to the project, and we will have cake.

All welcome, 10 am till 6 pm, every Thursday.  See more information on the sidebar.

If you have stitched on these quilts and can't make it to the Little Current United church hall on the 13th September, please mail me a tracing of one of your hands and its wrist.  Email me for the mailing address.


  1. The real meaning of community is the community.

  2. Three years ..... friendships and amazing cloths made.
    I love the delicacy of the eyelets. Slow work, and I can understand you're not quite ready to finish yet. Many of us out here in blogland aren't quite ready either.... we love the journey you have let us become part of. It's like reading a book that you just dont want to finish you're enjoying it so much.

    Jacky xox

  3. Eye lit

    Tender little buttercups open seeing you bring them

  4. so beautiful, it makes my eyes tear to see such beauty everywhere, stitches, hands hearts...

  5. Ah Judy, this is so wonderful, this stitching community ... and what it results in: beautiful quilts and warm friendships !!!!!!!

  6. Didn't realize it was three years, how awesome!!

  7. so long, really? and what a fine celebration, cake and hands!

  8. I haven't tried this sitch, but I will, it is so delicate and pretty. Finishing is bitter sweet...


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