Tuesday, August 07, 2012

how to see?

 We can't improve on nature.

 These August days have given me time to stitch and read. Swim.
 I am not thinking.  I have 'no mind'.
But there is room inside me for this huge August sky.
It IS amazing, isn't it?

This is the first summer that Ned and I have lived at his family cottage nearly full time and although he might not agree, I think that we have both slowed into a dream like rhythm.  I do nothing, yet I work all the time.  Thoughts and ideas rise up.


  1. Breathtaking images of skies and reflections. Amazing how the beauty never fails to take my breath away!

  2. ahhhhhh 'i sew therefore I think' (i see therefore I am) yes yes yes

  3. That is a mighty sky, Judy. Have not seen one as splendid as that myself in many a year. I can only imagine how I might take it all in...'no mind' sounds good, letting it command whatever space it will.
    I have no doubt your stitch is a response.

  4. in such a space, under such immense sky, to do nothing and work all the time, to be of no mind--well that is about the finest condition possible!

  5. Big skies - big dreams!

  6. Ohhhh and I thought New Mexico had the corner on the sky. A beautiful reminder of the stunning sunsets over the cool lakes of the North. So glad to hear you have this special time to do no-thing and every-thing at the same time.....as time collapses on itself......

  7. I would always find time for a sky like that too, just stunning. Glad you're having a lovely time, doing nothing but seemingly accomplishing so much, pottering does that, lovely rhythm, I miss that.

  8. how to see! yes

    time of no time.

    drinking cloud like that the mind goes drunk.

  9. i am completely awed. beautiful. peaceful.

  10. Space and air inside and outside the head!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and your nice words, Judy. I appreciate them very much.


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