Friday, August 10, 2012

A fifth direction through time

The fourth (and final) meditation panel of the manitoulin circle project is well under way.  The working title of this panel is Four Directions.   This piece is made from wool blankets (two were donated), lace doilies (all donated) and hand stitched linen damask from vintage tablecloths. 
The lace came in over the three years of this project.  Women were generous and I am overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of these delicate threads.  I wanted to use the lace, but was worried that it would distract from the minimalist aesthetic in the meditation panels.  But when viewed in connection with the calm woolen grid, it seems subtle enough.  Layers of these lace pieces will connect our labour to that of women who came before us.  A  fifth direction through time.
Delicate and interesting, the small white squares shown above are made by layering small pieces of damask linen on a foundation, then embellishing the result with beads and lines of seed stitch. Originally, I had thought to fill just one 1/4 section of the circle with this design (see top photo),
but we have enough to fill the whole lower half of the circle.  It's serendipitous....the horizon design relates this new panel to earlier ones.   
I love it when the water shines like it did on Thursday morning.   Precious Water.
And the third panel also shone in the morning light when I arrived at the church at 10 am.  Ned and I usually come back to Manitoulin on Wednesday evenings (3 1/2 hour drive) so that I can keep my Thursday stitching. 
 Notice how Precious Water has been rolled on the frame as we work our way to the center.
I am considering how to make something that will honour the many pairs of hands that have worked on these panels.  126 of us so far.  Above are Marian's hands.

Manitoulin Circle Project, every Thursday in Little Current, Manitoulin Island.  All welcome.


  1. Such a beautiful project. I wish I lived closer...

  2. Wonderful project, wish I was nearby, can't wait to see the finished piece.

  3. thank you for sharing such a big vision filled with so many beautiful hearts minds and hands

  4. that last photo really says it all, the love in those hands...

  5. I know I have said this before, Judy, but if I was *there* I would be THERE to help on this project. I look forward to these updates and wonder as I read: how odd that a church project from a church I've never known, thousands of miles away in a country that isn't mine, should draw me in in this way. And now you've made a portrait of Marion's hands and I saw my own in (perhaps) ten year's time.

    Precious Water...and oh, so much more....precious, precious time.

  6. what an amazing project and marion's hands and the other 125...well, i'm stunned.

  7. It shimmers like the water at the horizon line. And All the hands!

  8. Beautiful work and your landscape photograph is like a Rothco painting.

  9. I always find time present in your works. The time of the process you used to created them. And I like how time is present the way you did this time. Bites of time from different hands, from different places and stories...

  10. Anonymous10:04 am

    I love reading about this project... your community building and dedication (not to mention the THING itself) are so inspiring!


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