Friday, April 06, 2012

spring narrative 1986

I tried to make my paintings look like prints. Very simple. very flat. I felt that shape is as important as line or colour. There were years when I only used the three primary colours plus earth pigments. My parents supported me by purchasing my work. This painting of Jay is still hanging in Dad's entryway.

We're visiting him this weekend so I was able to photograph this piece digitally. To see other paintings, click here.


  1. More love--The power of primary color--lovely.

  2. Such wonderful memories .... no wonder your parents wanted these beautiful paintings.
    I love that you have used the shapes and the primary colours. What medium have you used here?


    Jacky xox

  3. Thanks Jacky and Michelle

    This is watercolour.

    I used arches watercolour paper - cold press 140 lb, and lots of tubed colour with lots of water.

    I taught watercolour for years - and kept reminding my students that it was water plus colour.

    The paper allowed this watery colour to flow just the correct amount.

    You had to wait a lot for painted areas to dry.

    Even then, time was one of my main materials.

  4. Love the simple renderings -- subtle, sunny memories captured so beautifully.

  5. they are gorgeous Judy...l think l wiould have bought one...xx

  6. just love those shadows in the water.

  7. These water colours are great Judy!
    Must be fun looking and remembering ....

  8. Anonymous7:51 pm

    these are nice and thank you for the note on paper.

    you're lucky to have (had) such supportive parents.

  9. love your definition of light and dark.

  10. love the gestures captured, the relationship and their attention to the activity; the shifting moments of the two in time, among shifting waters.

  11. thanks for your compliments on my paintings.

    I can't seem to do these children paintings anymore. I have tried to paint my grandchildren - but it doesn't work.

  12. Anonymous8:29 am

    I wonder why -- maybe one's subjects move on, maybe the skill gets rusty or transmuted? They are lovely, though, and the not being able to go back to the subject makes them all the more precious.

  13. What a talented painter you are! I had no idea. I respect very much artists who are able to deal with watercolour such as you do. An how strange that you can't do it anymore...


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