Wednesday, January 18, 2012


witnesses, women's clothing wrapped and stitched shut, 2011 Untitled (Uccello) by Joseph Cornell, 1952


  1. the women's clothing stitched closed around sticks from the yard - captivating and richly symbolic to me. i look at the box, and i see a woman contained inside a wall, gazing to faraway places, ignoring the balls laying on the floor . . . the balls she no longer juggles.

    p.s. i am bad to make up stories.

  2. I see the wrapped up women as gazing out to farwaway places as well, Jeanne.
    That idea of being trapped or wrapped but looking out of oneself to the far horizon, longingly or dreamily or remembering something, connects these two separate pieces of art together.

    Also, I had spent part of the day re-photographing the wrapped clothing, and just wanted to note that in this journal. By the time I got them ready for their shoot, the natural light had gone.

  3. yes, connected.

    for 2 days i gazed at the wrapped up women, feeling - deeply feeling - far away from the realm of words. the feeling was enough. more than enough. then you pen this: "By the time I got them ready for their shoot, the natural light had gone" and i hear a soft "amen" wrapped in a sigh.


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