Thursday, August 11, 2011


vintage beaded dress vintage beaded dress, skirt detail

Anke brought in her beaded dress to the circle project last Thursday.

She had worn it at her birthday party last June.

It must have weighed at least ten pounds.

She wore it for two birthday parties actually,

her 50th and her 70th!

I find that remarkable.

She told us that she purchased it for $60
twenty or so years ago. We think it is from
the 1920's but I am not sure.

Detail of back closure.

Circle project continues today, all welcome. Thursdays 9 am to 6 pm in Little Current.


  1. It is wonderful! I can't imagine fitting into something from 20 years ago though! Sigh..........

  2. Stunning indeed!

  3. so, so beautiful. all the work that went into that.

  4. What a beautiful and intricate piece of work. Lovely dress.

  5. Oh thank you for showing that is absolutely divine. And I especially love how the spirals are all wonky ;>}

    I hope that I can wear the same dress at 70 that I can wear today!

  6. this is beautiful. I had a dress that l was given which was as my g/mother and she called it a 'Flapper's' dress..thousands of beads all in black and white.Some sewn on to the dress others hanging doen in strands all the same lenght. It weighed a ton too and l always felt tired after wearing it BUT BEAUTIFUL. I wore it for my 21st and 30th birthday's and then it was packed away. Wore it for my 40th as well and then unfortuntly it was lost in transit from Jersey in the Channel islands to The Bahames! very sad but l hope some where there is some one wearing it that loves it too!xx


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