Friday, August 12, 2011

nature is awesome

view of "the open" Georgian Bay We've been spending most of August at the cottage, and I've taken my circle project work with me. The floor of the main room there is just big enough to lay out the third panel. Progress on the second panel is steady. We've rolled both sides now, and stitch together on Thursdays in Little Current. It's slow work, but I really do think that the repeated touching of the dense quilting adds power to the panel, Mended World. same view, later in the day

Click here to see a skein of birds over Denmark. An amazing spirit lift/gift during times like these.


  1. Anonymous12:44 pm

    oh wow. such striking views.

  2. Oh, how my heart pangs when I see a sea/sky like that! We had a wonderful house on a cliff next to a lighthouse when I was a child where the whole family gathered. Maybe I've written this before, because when you share about your family gatherings at the cottage, I miss the multi-generational ones we had at ours. That photo also has me pining for the closeness to the sea. The forest has its own magic, for sure, but the tides of the sea run deep in me....

    And your words about the cloth remind me of the ancient wise women spinning protection into their wools and weaving fabric with charms of healing and abundance magic.... may your magic charms really mend the world!

  3. Oh, I love your beach shots, they are lovely.


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