Sunday, August 14, 2011

Freedom from Worldly Attachments

Apologies for still more photos of this third panel but it's the only thing I have been working on this month. I'm struggling to make it hang straight. (flat) I've been pinning the 90" width of it into the wide pine wall boards in the cottage dining room and shifting and adjusting the half circle in its half square. Every single stitch is by hand. This morning when I began defining the edges with trim Ned said, "Maybe you should start over". That's unthinkable.

I am so attached to it. We have spent a year on this so far, my Thursday group and moi. I'm not defeated. Yet.

Zen's sixth ruling principle : Freedom from Worldly Attachments (Datsuzoko)
The seven Zen principles
subtle profundity
freedom from worldly attachments

non attachment to things or rules


  1. no need for an apology. i love seeing it over and over again.

  2. Ah, you have a "problem child." When an art piece isn't going well, I often give it space and ignore for a while. In time the solution comes to me while I work on other things. Some pieces are late bloomers and just need time to incubate. I wish you well with resolving this piece! =)

  3. helen4:48 pm

    Always one to put in my opinion, I really can't tell EXACTLY, what you're doing, but it appears that you are trying to make that melted, rusched piece fit the circle, couldn't you just take a few stitched rusches along the way to help it hang straight? I never get bored with seeing this project. It is always viewed with great admiration to you and your group.

  4. Me too...don't apologize. Such a beautiful piece. I know you won't give up...there is an answer somewhere.

  5. Breaking silence to say I am in awe of this post.

  6. I never tire from seeing this quilt either...maybe I have formed a cyber attachment???
    That last photo...did you cut that piece out, free yourself from the attachment to start again? ... brave! Or, is that before you inserted the cirlce?
    I know you will 'nut' this out.

    Jacky xox

  7. No need to apologize. I've formed a cyber attachment to it too.

  8. When I have that problem I put it on the floor (removing gravity from the equation), get it as flat as possible and steam block it into flatness.

  9. Yes, Jacky, I removed the half circle from the half square and am 'sort of' starting over.

    Removal of the circular part revealed that I was forcing the circle to fit in an opening that was too big.

    I'm now working with the background, and will be able to replace the half circle into an amended half square.

    This piece is so public within in my local community and because it has other women working on it - that I do feel pressure to complete it by using what we have spent so much time in stitching. I try to think of that pressure as a discipline for me as an artist.

    Thanks for all your encouragement. It is much appreciated, and does help.

  10. that last photo...~!~, a sharp
    intake of breath, a gasp.

    i hope you detail what comes

  11. keep going... whatever way you choose is perfect...

  12. I love seeing the progress of this project. Please keep sharing. It is amazingly beautiful, and done with such love. So beautiful and peaceful.

  13. Asymmetry - perhaps the world does not care to lie flat after all.

  14. it is for ''starting over''!! Men!!
    thank you so much for your kind words too x


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