Saturday, July 16, 2011

studio tour

I'm really enjoying the Manitoulin Art Tour this weekend. The visitors I've had so far are very engaged with the work, and our discussions are thought provoking. I took some risks this year and decided to show work in progress (plus five framed paintings). Most of it is very large ongoing work like my stitched journal pinned across one entire wall and three of the huge meditation panels pinned to the others. A smaller more intimate piece is the golden notebook - my 1991 journal with most of the text painted out. Details are shown above, but see here for a view of the entire piece. To see Earth Ark as it is today, nearly done, click here.
Have a great weekend.


  1. You're an artist. All your projects and the way you expalin them sound so true to me... Art is not very easy to be found, althoug many people try to (some of us are trying to...).

    Your work with the diaries is really interesting... I've written some in the past but I never know what to do with them, because I don't like to re-read my words...

  2. Its a great tour, thanks for sharing - xoxo

  3. lynda Howells3:50 pm

    you are an amazing artist, love your work and well done for doing the Trailxx lynda

  4. i don't know either, but I like not knowing... the dress is beautiful... the red hem makes me feel like it was dipped in red roses, or maybe strawberries...

  5. Anonymous10:27 pm

    i think that would be a lot of fun. there's a studio in north carolina, not terribly far, where the artists actually sit daily with their work, studios in residence, and it's always fun to get to speak to someone directly.


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