Monday, July 18, 2011

heat waves

Rayon damask weave tablecloth, hand stitched To create a focal point for the third panel of the circle project, we are using a commercial product and intense heat. It comes in packages of about a yard and is stitched to the back of the fabric. The directions say to use machine stitch and a steam iron held above the cloth, but my experiment with hand stitched waves and a heat gun gave good results. 6 inches shrink to about 4 inches in all directions. I'm not one to

use products such as misty fuze or steam a seam, but the discovery of texture magic may have changed my mind. Ah, well.

Still mourning the loss of fiber arts magazine and telos. Read Olga's comments here.


  1. Delightful results :) But isn't it hot enough in Ontario right now to just put it outside to frizzle? :)

  2. lynda Howells5:35 pm

    sad about Fibre Arts mag....
    Love what l am seeing on this blog that shade of blue.

  3. What a natty way to use the texture fabric, its lovely and yes a wonderful blue. I bought some texture fabric at last stitchy show I went to in march this year..........youve reminded me!
    Wonmder where I put it come to think of it.....

  4. Anonymous3:18 am

    It's always good to try these things, though. You got some great results with this.

  5. Yes, I'm wondering where my package is as well. But I think that I purchased it at least two years ago. Lovely blue and wonderful texture!

  6. Anonymous10:26 pm

    very neat. it's been insanely hot here as well.


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