Friday, June 03, 2011


I am concerned with putting time into my work.
I touch my work a lot.
I want to use those two invisible things, time and touch, as power.

Logical, regular, the grid is the simplest of means. But this grid is marked with small irregular dots. All the same. All different. What I’m looking for in my work is a simplicity that is inviting and easy for my viewer to enter. A safe calm place where time and touch reach out and invite one to slow down. Consider your own life. Connect to your inner self. Experience a sense of boundlessness. Solitude gives me space for contemplation.
Solitude gives me time for repetitive labour. The philosopher/painter, Agnes Martin advises us:

“Say to yourself, “I want to live a true life”.
Then watch yourself.
Discover the true response you make to life undistorted by others.
Self- knowledge is not social.

Artists, take every opportunity to be alone.”


  1. Anonymous12:04 pm

    My daily gift to myself is time alone. Time is so precious and irreplaceable, and a certain amount of solitude is priceless. Thank you for this profound post.

  2. i have ben alone this week and it is transformative... and here you are with your wisdom and a quote... thank you...

  3. self knowledge is not social. thank you agnes, and judy.

  4. I'm spending some alone time this weekend and your words are very calming and inspiring. Love the quote!

  5. I often stop by here to view your lovely work (and those you know) although I don't tend to leave comments often...but I've formed a new relationship with solitude of late and I'm so appreciative to read these wise words, "...undistorted by others." Thank you for such a thoughtful post.

  6. i have discovered its easy and pleasant to be alone amongst a crowd if they are of the same ilk---my fellow "Residenciers" are mindful of personal space, time and exploration, but supportive when needed. Since i am *usually* alone, this is a different feeling for me, one i am "stockpiling" for return to the home studio, when i am truly solitary.

  7. This thinking must be floating in the air right now. I have been feeling this very way, lately.
    Lovely photographs to illustrate the point, too.

  8. Quietly, calmly sharing your knowledge, your philosophies, your stitch, your images....

    Quiet time for me today to "watch" myself.

    Enjoy your Sunday Judy.

    Jacky xox

  9. This season of my life leaves little time for solitude but so much has been learned about myself in how I interact with my kids. Time alone is precious indeed. I like your thread tangles.

  10. I agree with everything you say judy..l love the peace and quiet l find when l sew. Just sit and music, TV or radio..just sew and listen to the world.xx

  11. Ah, solitude! Yes, I also need solitude, but balanced with people interaction. Solitude is somewhat addictive so I need to be careful to plan social visits into my life.

  12. Reading this thoughts makes me feel less guilty about my sought solitude...

    Thanks for sharing them.

  13. I crave it too. Peace perfect peace

  14. Anonymous11:49 am

    My goodness I needed to read this. Thank you.

    *love all the dots...what is it about dots that soothes so? I just know that they're pretty...*


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