Tuesday, May 31, 2011

details, details QN 2011

Detail of Stars on the Water - The oil Spill/ 5 of Paring Knives in the Kitchen Tarot, 2010 by Susan Shie. Air brush and air pen writing each day for 100 days of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill Detail of Quilt Drawing #13 - for Maureen by Daphne Taylor Juror's Award of Merit hand quilted, hand embroidered Detail of Portrait of the Youngest Girl 1, 2010 by Judy Rush Quilt Surface Design Symposium Award of Excellence Detail of Rook Road, 2010 by Elizabeth Brimelow showing the hand applique and embroidery a second detail of Elizabeth Brimelow's piece
I recommend purchasing the catalog to see the wide variety of techniques and ideas. Gary J Kirskey, Larry Hamel Lamberft and Sam Girton took beautiful photographs of full views. Detail of Facade VII 2010 by Deidre Adams.
Deidre uses acrylic paint after drawing with the sewing machine.
And visit Diedre Adams excellent blog to see her photos of the QN artists. Detail of Mushroom 2010 by Carolyn Sullivan, plant dyed and hand stitched Detail of Circles No. 4 2010 by Judy Kirpich. Judy cuts into her fabric to insert these many circles, all piece work. Detail of Greek, 2010 by Naomi S. Adams Most Innovative Use of the Medium Naomi uses dyed batting and adhesive reconstruction to write 3-dimensionally with cloth. Detail of Werekata Moon 2010 by Pamela Fitzsimons plant dyes, hand stitch. Detail of Broken Fence 2010 by Leslie Joan Riley, showing her original pattern that references traditional quiltmaking block repetition.
detail of Big Leaf 24 2010 by Dominie Nash Leaf Rubbings with textile paint Detail of Cross My Heart 2010 by Judy Martin showing my hand stitching with silk thread on layered dyed and painted linen On the drive home through Ohio I took photos of many beautiful barns from the car. Late Sunday afternoon, the sky suddenly became so dark. When we turned on the TV in our hotel in Kalamazoo, Michigan, we found out that we had narrowly missed the tornado.


  1. Wowee... amazing work!

  2. Anonymous4:20 am

    Simply wonderful. Cloth and stitch making complete magic, and some of my favourite artists here. Thank you for these marvellous images.

  3. Judy,

    Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful details. Now I will order the catalogue for sure!
    Regina, St. Maarten

  4. I am pretty convinced about driving down to see the exhibit. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for sharing these Judy; but yours is the beautifullest!

  6. How wonderful to see all of these amazing quilts.... I have ordered the catalogue as per your link. Cant wait for it to arrive and see more of these beautiful works.

    Beautiful barns, so pleased you missed the tornado (but the photos with that dark sky are wonderful).

    Jacky xox

  7. Wonderful pictures, thank you Judy

  8. thank you for the up close look. so much. i relaly love your stitches.

  9. mmmmmm i love the plant moon.

  10. Dominie Nash is my grandmother! This is my favorite of her series. Thanks so much!


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