Sunday, June 05, 2011

Slowing down as fast as I can

My main focus this month is working on three of the four meditation panels of the Manitoulin Circle Project. I work on them all day if I can. I'd say I put in seven hours a day just on these panels. It's a grandiose project, maybe too large. It's been nearly two years since the first designs were made. (See here). "What do you mean, you work all day?" someone asked me yesterday. (Perhaps because this is not an employed job?) These kinds of comments cease to bug me. I love how I spend my time. In this post I am showing the progress of the second panel, Mended World. On good days, I go into the church hall and put in two hours worth of thread. I have help on Thursdays. every Thursday from 9 am to 6 pm - see side bar These hands helped last Thursday. This panel measures nearly 100 inches square - a bit larger than the first one. It's made almost entirely from donated or thrift shop linen table cloths plus some silk. I'm working so hard on Mended World because I can. I feel lucky to be able to do so.


  1. Judy... this most definitely is work - inspired and inspiring work ... but it's none-the-less work.
    Its a thing that took me years to not get thrown by... Funnily enough blogging has cut down those comments. Something about the accessible documentation process... of my work, others... projects from all over... somehow it becomes harder to see it as leisure I think when so much of the effort of those involved in this work is revealed.
    Lovely to see what you're working on.
    ps thanks for visiting too!

  2. That comment reminds me of people who say things like "oh your just a stay at home mom" like that's not a job and all I do is eat ice cream and watch tv all day. Ha!

    I think your project is beautiful, and every child should make at least one quilt before they leave school just for the fulfillment of it.

  3. it sounds like a very peaceful, healing activity - and looks beautiful

  4. It is work and it takes passion. And I know it is not just in the daylight hours that you work at your passion. Your community is lucky to be the beneficiaries of this wonderful series.

  5. It's funny that people *do* acknowledge being an artist takes time and work, but then turn around and patronizingly say things like that!
    The committment you have put into this project is work in itself----when the world seems to thrive on instant gratification, it's awesome (in the purest sense of the word) to see work and art done at this pace and with this level of skilled perseverance and talent.

  6. The value of time... The value of work by itself, when it has nothing to do with money or a fixed schedule... We are forgetting these kind of things

  7. mom these are so hugely beautiful


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