Saturday, January 01, 2011

textile art in the national gallery of Canada

Rebecca Belmore, Thin Red Line 2009
66 men's suit jackets stuffed with sand, a red thread stitched down each back, stacked to form a barracade.

An immediate and elegiac correlation between the human body and the earth.
Luanne Martineau, Parasite Buttress 2005, wool roving, needle felt, mattress foam.

The process of thatching raw wool and building it up with a serated needle is feminine and agressive.

It was fantastic to spend new years eve (afternoon) with the current exhibition "It is what it is" (recent Canadian acquistions) at our national gallery.

The Ottawa Citizen review is here.


  1. About the Thin Red Line impression of it was a man lying on his side...far more vulnerable than a barricade!

  2. mmmm...must getup to Ottawa one day soon.

  3. Interesting work, especially the needle felted piece.

  4. Happy New Year, Judy. Enjoy your next module


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