Sunday, January 02, 2011

purple rug

Stitching in car again. We have been on Ontario highways. To my brother's in Ottawa for New Year's Eve and then to my dad's in Kingston for New Year's Day. On and on, my stitching is like time. My projects are too large I often think, to blog about. They go on for months.

Couching strips of fabric was 2010's technique. Shown here in two different projects.

On the right, part of a manitoulin circle has become visible in white damask. purple robe
beautiful purple rugs


translated by Anne Carson


  1. I love the 2010 stitching/ fact I might include a little on the bottom of my cloth I am finishing off that I began in 2010 (a little memory of your stitching and how much I enjoy your blog).

    On the road again...lovely to catch up with friends and family and to be productive along the way.

    Have a wonderful 2011 Judy.

    Jacky xox

  2. It's encouraging and inspiring to see you stick with your big projects, I think. {From a flitting butterfly who wants to develop some tenacity}
    Looking forward to sticking with you in 2011 (as corny as that sounds ;)

  3. Like Jean Marie I flit about from one thing to another. Sticking to one stitch or project for a whole year scares me. See you soon.

  4. well i think each step in a larger cloth is a smaller cloth, and every step will make it quite a story. i started my blog talking about just that, would it be interesting to follow along i asked. i think so.

  5. I have missed a lot, been perusing your last few posts... just thinking that it would be nice to take an art history course again... all over again and this time it could be balanced and how nice that would be
    your large projects are wonderful and i love seeing them as small pieces too. happy new year!

  6. large pieces. small pieces. all are simply pieces of the larger whole. which, in turn, is also just another piece!

    your couched rug is beautiful! i had this image in my head of just such a rug and had lost track of from whence it came. the product of roaming far and wide on the web, i imagine. but i am glad to have found it again. i will have to try this in 2011 and see where it takes me.

    thank your for sharing your thoughts and beautiful work. both are inspiring.


  7. i really want to touch these. big is good, coming from the one who works (often) in miniature!

  8. Your projects give me a certain kind of hope and peace. Whenever I visit you I come away feeling nurtured and nourished because of your patience and diligence. I visit for soul food.

    Did I tell you that I grew up for some of my childhood in Massena, New York? Your photos take me back to that far north country and many happy memories.


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