Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ontario textile

Lizz Aston paper, burn out, machine stitch Andrea Graham wool felt Kai Chan ephemera and thread Heather Goodchild inlaid wool patchwork, watercolour stained felt


Jacky said...

Amazing artists... I love the simplicity of the red star and that wonderful felting. I love being introduced to new artists (love the one in the previous post).

Jacky xox

La Dolce Vita said...

incredible work!

Jeana Marie said...

I feel especially drawn to Lizz Aston's work - thanks for posting it!

kat said...

there's something curiously sinister about the Andrea Graham pieces, but in a good way if that doesn't sound odd! sort of alien yet familiar, fascinating


Greetings from Welland, Ontario!

Ciao Bella!
All for the love of art!

Creative Carmelina

lynda Howells said...

Love this work..thanks for showing this.lyndax