Friday, January 14, 2011

royal ontario museum

Just thought I'd post some photos of the Royal Ontario Museum. We have been in Toronto for the last few days and I walk by it every day. This addition was designed by Daniel Libeskind two years ago and people are still not used to it. I do find it a little scary, the way it hangs over the sidewalk and Bloor Street. Both of these images are from google and are from when the addition was new.

We've been having nice dinners. Some in restaurants, some with family who live here. On Wednesday evening we went to see some of Kai Chan's retrospective. "I wait for the accident to happen.

I make things for fun

I made a maquette once and used toothpicks. I liked it.

Now I use bamboo and branches from my back yard. Hey. Look.

We are weak physically, but we have a strong will!

Look at the structure of the toothpick. " Kai Chan

Click here to read Murray Whyte's review of "A Spider's Logic" from the Toronto Star.


  1. I live here and I hate it. Every time I go to the ROM I grumble to myself about it. *grumps*

  2. Anonymous10:18 pm

    To be perfectly honest I thought I was looking at a photo of the flood damage in Queensland!

    Judy B

  3. i love liebskind... i have see the jewish museum in san fran and would like to see the denver art museum but now i want to see this one even more... he combines new and old in san fran too. i like it a lot. thanks for sharing it!

  4. I live in TO also and I'm afraid it does not work for me. A tremendous waste of space, unwelcoming inside and out. I would rather concentrate on what is INSIDE the museum. The new addition to the Royal Conservatory, nest door is much better.

  5. I cringe every time I pass the ROM now. The addition is such an insult to the architecture of the original structure. Up close it looks cheap - like they ran out of money and covered it with aluminum strips. I haven't even ventured inside since the addition was put on... That's how much I hate it.


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