Friday, January 28, 2011

dot grids

The manitoulin circle project continues to meet every Thursday at the Little Current United Church. The hours have changed slightly and I've started to call what I am doing there a residency. We have started the year with three new techniques. The first involves filling in the spaces of this factory embroidered piece of fabric with hand stitched dots. The hand made dots are unique and represent each of us. They are individuals. A second technique is to gather and heat process squares of blue rayon damask weave tablecloth. The third technique is perle cotton french knots or separated cross stitches on recycled wool blanket cloth. Those shown above are done with metallic thread. Heather likes to stack the wool squares like pancakes at the end of a day's work. The 4 inch squares are then layered onto a foundation square in a traditional nine patch format. They will form the main background area of the fourth meditation panel that we are working on.

Dots represent all the small things that add up to a larger whole.

All welcome.


  1. Anonymous4:32 am

    I came here immediately after Jude's post on symbol, art and communication. You make it all look so easy, and so beautiful in its apparent simplicity.

  2. Lovely! Judy, I'm interested in how you heat process the gathered rayon? I'm imagining boiling (which I've seen done with poly organza), but perhaps steam or a heat gun.

  3. Or the dots could be individuals that make up a community.

  4. blown away again

  5. Smashing idea, all the little things that make up the whole, dots in this case.........a symbolism for humanity maybe.

  6. Anonymous12:27 pm

    i'm amazed at how you get to inspirational effortlessly.

    keep doing your thing ;)

  7. sounds a very interesting project. I love the idea of hand-stitched dots representing each one of you.

  8. This is looking very beautiful - I'll be watching with anticipation to see how it develops. If you have th etime and inclination I wonder if you can explain the technique you are using on the rayon damask tablecloth - it has me intrigued.
    Many thanks Philippa


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