Monday, January 31, 2011

what I did today

woke up early, did not read novel, wrote that exhibition proposal, finally.

worked on some gifts for the friends I will be visiting this week in Nova Scotia

walked, something I have skipped doing all week. It's been so cold. packed for trip. Two suitcases, 50 pounds. Birkenstocks and hard covered journals weigh a lot. Oh well.

Talked to Oona on the phone. She was making a yoga pillow.

sewed the third meditation panel.

packed fabric and threads in the second suitcase.


  1. Judy, you make me smile.

    Today - in no particular order - I unpacked suitcases, attempted washing, mended about 7 garments (most just needed a button replaced) while Peter made dinner. Then I did half of the dishes.

    Have a wonderful trip!

  2. Have a great trip. Love the work on show here. Do u need help carrying the suitcases by any chance?xxlynda

  3. have a wonderful trip. You have done a lot!

  4. have safe travel and a great time,
    and those are all fabulous pieces...

  5. love the birks and journals. and threads. safe travels.


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