Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bound by time and place

I emptied my pin walls in the studio over the weekend. I need to begin a complete new body of work for my graduate exhibition in May 2012. I'm trying to let my heart lead me rather than my head. Today it was too cold to leave the fire so I replaced the zipper in Ned's fleece. It seemed easier than facing those white pieces of drawing paper. Tomorrow is another day.

...the art you can make is irrevocably bound to the times and places of your life.

from Art and Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orland


  1. and every leap of faith is bound to bring new springs :)

  2. Anonymous9:43 am

    the hardest part of everything for me is turning off my head.

  3. That´s very true - unfortunately, sometimes... - but there´s no way around it: one has to dig where one stands... wishing you good digging for your new piece!

  4. mom, i was just reading some books on nancy spero...your studio really looks like the spaces she creates....

    dad is still wearing that fleece?
    i love that photo of him zipping it up.
    and his thumb guessing wood related?

    miss you guys. wish i was by your fire. xoxoxo

  5. Boy do l know that feeling..A few years ago l did a part-time 5 year Art and Design Hons Degree. Its hard but interesting at our age isn't it?xxgood luck. lynda


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